Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Prayer for Catechists when the Year is Almost Over

My friend Heidi has posted about finishing up her Religious Education year. You can read about it here: There is a great end of the year prayer.

My own CCD year is almost done. One more class on the 25th and that is really just a big party with all the grades and parents invited so that one shouldn't be too stressful. To say it has been a challenging year would be a huge understatement. And yet, I survived (and the kids did, too!). I hope that they came away learning something. And while I am recommitting myself to the fact that I never, ever, want to teach CCD again, I also know that there was a reason for this whole experience. I brought the best I had to it and I think I have come out a bit stronger for the journey. On to the next adventure! (and no, I'm not sure what that is at the moment, but I am certain God has something in store for me!)

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