Friday, June 17, 2011

Catholic Arts and Letters Award Finalists Announced

I was so honored to be a judge for the adult category in the Catholic Arts and Letters Award. The on-line chat I had the night the tornado hit my community was to determine the finalists. After months of reading and judging quality books, I just HAD to be a part of the decision process! I'm excited to announce the finalists have been released. Congratulations to all! If you are looking for some great summer reading, check these out:

For adult fiction:

Murder in The Vatican: The Church Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes
by Ann Margaret Lewis
Rachel's Contrition (Chisel & Cross Books) by Michelle Buckman
Theophilos by Michael O'Brien

For children's fiction/YA
Alex O'Donnell and the 40 CyberThieves by Regina Doman
Hiding the Stranger Trilogy by Joan Kelly
Tristan's Travels by Karl Bjorn Erickson

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