Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Family Tree that Almost Didn't Grow

The Family Tree that Almost Didn't Grow in the National Right to Life News helps to illustrate the value of each life. In 1896 a 13 year old found herself pregnant as the result of a violent rape. Her employer, the father of the baby, wanted her to do away with it, but the young girl ran away instead and ultimately gave birth to a girl who herself got married and had four children. Among the 24 grandchildren and 73 great-grandchildren are "an engineer, five nurses, musicians, a dairy plant supervisor, teachers, an office supply store manager, and an architect, to mention just a few . . . This entire family tree was made possible by the courageous decision of a lonely and frightened 13 year old girl."

"Each person is part of a family tree and is an integral part of God's plan. We may never know what blessings the Lord intends to bring forth from any person's life, or how that life will impact future generations, but we do know that God has a unique plan for each life that He creates. As John Cardinal O'Connor once said, "God draws straight with crooked lines."

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