Friday, June 03, 2011

The Mass as Faithful Friend

Cardinal Roger M. Mahony wrote a meaningful reflection on the new English Missal translation that will be used starting this November in America Magazine:

For Catholics, the Mass is where our relationship with the Lord, who is much more than a true friend, is nurtured and strengthened. The Mass itself is a "faithful friend" because we know it well, and our participation draws us ever deeper into the grace of the Lord. Later this year we will be introduced to a new translation of the prayers of the Mass in the new Roman Missal.

Some are wary of this change - perhaps the most significant change in the liturgy was first introduced after the Second Vatican Council. Such change is never easy, but perhaps a better approach might be to welcome the new translation as a new friend about to lead us to a new moment of grace.

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Heidi Hess Saxton said...

Thank you, Patrice, for sharing this. This really captures the pastoral spirit of the cardinal, who was instrumental in my own conversion. So nice to hear GOOD news!

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