Monday, June 13, 2011

Job Listing: Director of Admissions at Magdalen College

This is a first - someone asked me to post a job listing! Sounds like it would be a great position for someone with the right qualifications. If you know someone who would be interested, please pass it along.

Organization: The College of Saint Mary Magdalen
Title: Director of Admissions
Reports to: VP of Admissions & Advancement

The College of Saint Mary Magdalen is a residential Catholic liberal arts college located in Warner, New Hampshire. Founded in 1973, the College seeks—through the rigorous study and discussion of primary texts and through its vibrantly Catholic student life—to call our students to the life-long pursuit of intellectual and moral virtue, following Christ who is the source of all virtue.

Although the College has been in existence for 38 years, in many ways 2011 marks a re-founding of the institution. At the core of the re-founding are a change in perspective and a change in focus. The College has always been focused on Catholic Lay formation. Today, our focus is on authentic human freedom and the commitment to build a world renowned institution of higher learning rooted in the Catholic tradition.

Every strong institution is made up of strong people. Providentially, God has brought together an amazing team of talented individuals with strong credentials, strong faith, and a mutual love and respect for one another that is rarely seen in today’s workplace. It is this model which we will strive to keep intact and to build upon with other like-minded individuals. We seek to add individuals to the team with the will and the vision to build a truly exceptional institution of higher learning in Warner, NH.

The College of Saint Mary Magdalen is currently seeking a Director of Admissions. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of success, be a man/woman of strong character & integrity, be willing to wear a lot of hats, and enjoy an environment similar to a start-up. He/she will work closely with the VP of Advancement & Admissions to recreate the public perception & image of the institution and to build a pipeline of incoming students.

• Oversee all aspects of the College’s admissions procedures
• Work to strategically build and implement the long-term plan for college admissions
• Set and meet admissions goals for enrollment
• Work to constantly improve retention through constant communication with current students and building new initiatives which will improve retention
• Responsible for selecting, overseeing, and staffing college fairs, school visits, etc.
• Build and maintain strategic relationships with individuals capable of referring students to the College of Saint Mary Magdalen
• Work closely with the VP of Advancement & Admissions to develop marketing materials, newsletters, web content, etc.
• Contribute new ideas for programs and initiatives which will help the College to grow and flourish long-term
• Help to identify and hire new team members
• Manage new team members as the group grows
• Responsible for conversions of inquiry to applicant and applicant to new student
• Ensure compliance with all ethical standards, and compliance with all federal, state and accreditation requirements
• Responsible for social media initiatives, email blasts, and other marketing-related initiatives

• Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree Required (advanced degrees in Catechesis, Theology, or Business preferred)
• 5 – 10 Years of proven experience in college admissions (preferably an individual who understands the Catholic market and marketing to students looking for an authentically Catholic education)
• Management experience in a sales environment (preferably college admissions)
• Strong technical skills related to new technologies, social marketing, MS Office, etc.
• A strong understanding of the Catholic Faith and knowledge of Church hierarchy
• Positive attitude and person of strong personal and moral character

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