Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Crisis Pregnancy Center in Springfield, MA

The New Women’s Center opened its doors in the North End neighborhood here June 18. The center provides women with free information and assistance to help them choose life.

The center, located at 2645 Main Street, just up the road from the Planned Parenthood League of Springfield.

The grand opening of the crisis pregnancy center, operated entirely by volunteers, was two years in the making.

“The goal is to save as many babies as possible,” said Fred Ferraro, president of the New Women’s Center. “If anyone knows anyone who is pregnant and needs support, they can come here for assistance,” he told iobserve.

The New Women’s Center will provide free counseling to women facing a crisis pregnancy. Volunteers will also refer them to pro-life medical facilities. Ferraro added that they are trying to build up a supply of diapers, wipes and baby clothes to give additional support to families who are struggling. He said that their long term goal is to have an ultrasound machine, so that those considering abortion will be able to see their baby and get a clear picture of their choice.

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