Monday, February 10, 2014

What is True Freedom?

Alice Camille reflects on the question of freedom in her article "The Choice is Yours" in the February 2014 issue of US Catholic :

What does expressing the authentic fee self look like? Not like the glossy pages of any magazine on the coffee table, for starters. The self is not self-created, but God-inspired . . . 

There is a "you" to be saved, apart from all the roles and titles, costumes and assigned seats in our respective generations and situations. This "you" wasn't brought into being for the vain purpose of self-expression, but the vital purpose of self-giving. The self isn't something to be tried on in the dressing room. It's nurtured within, and radiates when released. The selfhood of the saints literally glows, illuminating not simply who they are, but the light of the One in whom they are rooted.

If freedom is precious to us, and by God it should be, there's no better place to begin then by learning how to be free moral choosers. Fire and water are before us, life and death, good and evil. We demonstrate who we really are as we reach for what will define us.

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