Saturday, January 15, 2022

January 15 - Our Lady of Banneux (Our Lady of the Poor) - Belgium


On January 16, 1933, twelve-year-old Mariette Beco looked out her window in Banneux, Belgium to see a lady beckoning to her from the garden. Three days later she appeared again and told Mariette that she was “Our Lady of the Poor”. The Blessed Mother appeared eight times in all, with her final appearance taking place on March 2, 1933.

Over the course of the visits, Our Lady asked Mariette to plunge her hands into a small spring and told her that the spring was for healing. There have been many reports of miraculous healings at the site. Mary also told Mariette that she came to “relieve suffering” and encouraged Mariette and all those who heard Mary’s message to pray much.

The local bishop approved the apparitions in 1949 and a chapel stands where Our Lady asked for it to be built.


Our Lady of the Poor, you have a special place in your heart for those who are poor or suffering. Help us to do all that we can to help those who are in need.


What is something you can do today to ease someone’s pain, whether that pain is economic, physical, or emotional?

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