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January 9 - Our Lady of Mercy - Austria


In a small town six miles east of Innsbruck, Austria, a young woman looked out her window and saw a miracle. On a late winter afternoon on January 17, 1797, Rose Buecher looked out her window to see if her father was coming home from the salt mines. As she peered out, she was surprised to see an image of Mary engraved on the glass. She called her mother to come and see it, who in turn called the parish priest.

The parish priest had the window removed and tested. When submerged in water, the image disappeared. As soon as it dried, the image reappeared. Testing could not determine how the image was made. He returned the window to the family, but the image soon became an object of veneration for the local community, so the family gave it to the church. Many miracles were reported at the site.    

The image is 5” x 7” and depicts Mary, the Mother of Sorrows. It can be seen at the parish church of Absam, St. Michael the Archangel, which was raised to the status of a minor basilica by Pope John Paul II.

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Our Lady of Mercy, you blessed the people of Absam with your image and interceded for those who came to pray. Help us in the sorrows of our lives as well.


A simple window in a small village became the site of a miracle. How often do we miss the simple everyday miracles in life? Today, pay attention to the miracles you encounter in your daily life and thank God for them.

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