Thursday, March 04, 2010

March 4, 2010 Thursday of Lent

More tortuous than all else is the human heart,
beyond remedy; who can understand it?
I, the LORD, alone probe the mind
and test the heart,
To reward everyone according to his ways,
according to the merit of his deeds.
- Jeremiah 17:9-10

Sometimes, we think we can judge another person - that we understand their intentions, their motivations, in what they are doing. And perhaps we can, to a degree. Yet, this passage reminds us that each one of us is totally known only to God. As much as we may open ourselves up to another human being, there is always a part that remains hidden. Only God knows the truth of another person's heart, all that they have been through, all that they feel, all that they know, and the reasons why they do what they do. God understands us better than we even understand ourselves. Let us leave God to judge other people's hearts, and ask Him for his mercy and understanding when He judges our own.

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Daily Grace said...

This is a beautiful reminder on the virtue of charity. Charity is not only opening our wallets, which is good and necessary, but charity is opening our hearts , our eyes to the needs of others,to the Lazurus we might meet today. Charity sees as God sees.Thank you

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