Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

I will probably get to see the movie "Eat, Pray, Love" when it comes out on DVD. I definitely do want to see it. After all, I value all three of those actions. I pray. I love. And, well, as those who know me can attest to, I've never met an ice cream I didn't like. I can also appreciate the need for self-discovery. I've been trying to suck more marrow out of life lately. After all, the clock is ticking.

Admittedly, it sometimes seems like a very losing battle, but I am trying. That is also where the praying comes in - to accept where I am in life and the blessings and limitations that it offers. Yet, this review of the book by Peggy Weber: Eat, Pray, Love brings up some very good points about why this book/movie should not be celebrated as much as it is.

Will I still see the movie? Yes. I like Julia Roberts and I do think it will be an interesting story to watch. I had dreams Friday night of going to the movies on my own to watch it. But, none of the times were really convenient, and as it turned out, my husband had to work late so it couldn't have happened anyway. Yet, reading that review has made me appreciate more that the fact that I will not get to see it for probably 4 or 5 months is an OK thing. My life doesn't allow for that right now. But I can still eat, pray, and love and be happy about it.


Heidi Hess Saxton said...

I saw it last weekend ... I equate Julia's character with my own personal "path not traveled." Had I not married, not converted to Catholicism, not ... on and on. I could see myself having traveled around the world in my quest for meaning.

Having said that, I can appreciate the Vatican's stance: http://www.topix.net/religion/catholic/2010/08/roberts-film-upsets-catholic-leaders

I confess my eyebrows shot up a tad when a group of expatriots gathered around a cafe table in Rome for a little free-association, and the definitive response was "sex," not "faith."

At the same time, I think many adults go through a "quest" phase of life, when they solidify their own values, their own connection to God. I'm just grateful that my journey led me TO the Church ... rather than (like Roberts') away from it!

Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur said...

Thanks for your comments, Heidi.

I'm very grateful that your journey led you to the Church as well, because otherwise I wouldn't have the pleasure of knowing you!

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