Saturday, August 14, 2010

Through Shakespeare's Eyes

I haven't read this one, but Through Shakespeare's Eyes by Joseph Pearce looks very interesting for anyone who is fond of the Bard. The official description states:

Fulfilling the promise he made in The Quest for Shakespeare, bestselling literary writer Joseph Pearce analyzes three of Shakespeare's immortal plays-The Merchant of Venice, Hamlet, and King Lear-in order to uncover the Bard's Catholic beliefs.

In The Quest for Shakespeare, Pearce delved into known biographical evidence for Shakespeare's Catholicism. Here the popular, provocative author digs into the plays, which were written and first performed during the English crown's persecution of Catholics. English history and literature were once taught through the lens of English Protestantism and are now dominated by modern scholars with prescriptions of their own. In this book, Pearce, who has helped bring Shakespeare's Catholicism back into public discourse, seeks to bring us closer to the texts as they would have been seen through the Bard's own eyes.

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