Sunday, August 08, 2010

God cares about your love life!

One last quote from The Bible's Best Love Stories

God knows what he is doing. He may not always fill us in on the details, but God knows. We may intellectually assent to the idea that God first set things into motion and that ultimately there is a master plan to this life of ours. Often however, a little interior voice beckons us and whispers, "God has larger issues at hand than your happiness, let alone your love life!" Perhaps the years of waiting and hoping for the one to come along and sweep us off our feet frustrates us and we end up settling for less than what God had in store for us. The waiting can be the most difficult part.

The beautiful story of Tobiah and Sarah gives us an angel's eye view of faithfulness and love from God's perspective. In fact, this story reveals that our love life and happiness are in fact very important to God because he ordains them. The book of Tobit reveals a God who loves us and who has a vision much larger than our own.


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