Monday, August 16, 2010


In-Sight by Gerard Webster is one of this month's recommended books from The Catholic Writer's Guild.

Awards: 2nd Place, Creative Arts Council 2009 Book Awards
Silver Award, Fiction/Suspense, 2009 Readers' Favorite
2009 Southeast Regional Award, Reviewers Choice, Readers Views
Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval

Ward McNulty had it all: a successful career as a political columnist, a beautiful girlfriend, and rich and powerful friends. But he gained it at the cost of losing his Catholic faith. This is the story of fall, forgiveness and redemption...of deeply instilled family values triumphing over a culture gone awry...and of a lost son coming home. It's for anyone who believes that God has a hand in destiny and is not completely surprised when He draws back the curtain for a brief instant and allows a glimpse at another reality.

" the characters deal with their consciences -- whether they listen to them or smother them -- makes this story...a thoroughly enjoyable read...a page-turner with a purpose."
Therese Heckenkamp, Traditional Catholic Novels

"Fast paced with never a dull moment...fiction that, while highly entertaining, provokes reflections about life and death and about those mysteries of heaven and earth which surround us unseen."
Elena Maria Vidal, Tea At Trianon

"...stands out among other Catholic books in this genre...a Catholic action drama fiction story with a cutting edge..."
Tannia Ortiz-Lopes, Catholic Fiction

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